Company officials of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, are pleased to announce that the company has officially become a sponsor of the EcoCAR 3 Competition, an initiative designed to foster educational opportunities for college students focused on automotive and engineering studies.
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Building Supply

tesa tapes are the bonding companion of choice for extruded trims and profiles!

Trims & Profiles

tesa® tapes are the bonding companion of choice for trim and profile extruders! The high-performance trim tape and profile tape assortment offered by tesa can turn virtually any extrusion into a ready-mount device!
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tesa Automotive Solutions for Permanent Bonding

tesa tapes are used throughout many vehicle makes and models to secure both exterior and interior components.
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Easy plate mounting with tesa Softprint Secure®

tesa Softprint Secure® with Snap-On Adhesive

Finally - the plate mounting tape label printers have been waiting for: Fast plate mounting properties combined with a strong bond for holding down plate edges securely.
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Protecting Your Brand:Four Reasons Why Tape Can Play a Critical Role

Read our latest white paper on, 'Protecting Your Brand:Four Reasons Why Tape Can Play a Critical Role'
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Laundry Care

Get the full story on how tesa tapes are utilized in the manufacturing processes of washers and dryers and more appliances.
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