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tesa offers quality tapes for constructive bonding applications - supplemented by customized technical support and application aids such as dispensers
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A Closer Look at tesa tape

tesa is recognized as a market leader in pressure-sensitive adhesive tape technology. From its humble roots in the late 1800's to today, see how the company continues to innovate solutions on a global scale.
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Take the Nuts, Bolts, Rivets, and Glue Out of Bonding Applications

Take the Nuts, Bolts, Rivets, and Glue Out of Bonding Applications

In today’s industrial manufacturing and construction environments, a variety of both traditional and modern materials, such as composites and plastics, are being utilized to produce finished products and building structures in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.
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Precision Masking at its Finest

Multicolor paintwork, such as two-tone bumper painting and multicolor design effects on the car body, dashboards, and rocker panels,requires particularly precise masking to provide excellent color line separation. As a global leader in masking solutions for painting vehicles and vehicle parts, tesa Automotive provides first-class quality and cost-efficient solutions.

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Automotive Solutions

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Thermal Management

To protect against radiant heat in the engine block and other areas that experience elevated temperatures, tesa offers a reflective tape and sleeve design that offers superior thermal management to protect critical components. tesa® Heat Reflective Sleeve is easily applied directly to wire bundles and features PET (polyester) fleece lining that allows for additional airflow.
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