Unique tesa® Products used to Mark Vehicles with Identification Codes

tesa® Tapes are now Being Used as VIN Labels
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As part of an effort to reduce vehicle thefts in its regional area, a Mid-Atlantic State Police Department launched a program entitled H.E.A.T. - "Help Eliminate Auto Theft”. One component of the program focused on "turning up the heat" on motorcycle and ATV (all-terrain vehicle) thefts, given the 465 motorcycles reported stolen in the regional area within a twenty-month period.

As part of its holistic program approach, members of the police team began to search for ways to ensure that vehicle identification numbers (VINs) were permanently adhered to all motorcycles and ATVs, as opposed to removable identification tags.

While attending a SEIAATI (Southeast International Association of Auto Theft Investigators) Conference, members of the State Police H.E.A.T. Program were introduced to representatives from tesa tape and the company’s unique label identification systems. Members of the H.E.A.T. team were intrigued with tesa’s offering, but they ultimately sought a system that could allow VIN identifiers to be fully embedded on vehicles, even if the VIN labels / tags were removed.

By the next SEIAATI Conference, a solution had been developed. Utilizing a unique tesa® tape product, in conjunction with a newly-developed laser-etching technology by CodeSource (a tesa partner), vehicle identifiers could then be transferred onto vehicle components and remain visible with an alternative light source, even if the VIN label was removed! The tesa / CodeSource laser technology is also capable of micro-etching the VIN into the tesa® tape label material in a data matrix format, all in a space smaller than two stacked human hairs!

After seeing the technology, members of the H.E.A.T. Program requested two complete laser systems from tesa tape and partner CodeSource, and they traveled around the region providing free embedded vehicle identification codes to anyone with a motorcycle or ATV.