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tesa offers quality tapes for constructive bonding and mounting applications, as well as a variety of masking products, all supplemented by customized technical support and application aids such as dispensers.
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Building Supply

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Constructive Bonding

For sophisticated and complex sign designs, including outdoor signs, illuminated signs, and signs that harbor a variety of materials, today’s sign makers turn to tesa’s highest performing family of double-sided tapes, including the company’s newest innovation – the tesa® ACXplus product line.
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Building Supply



From general paint masking to fine design creation, tesa® Masking Tapes are the products of choice for today’s sign makers.
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Building Supply


General Mounting

tesa tape offers a variety of tried-and-true double-sided film and foam tapes designed for common bonding and mounting applications found in everyday sign making techniques.
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Backing material

Type of adhesive

Total thickness (mils)

Elongation at break (%)

Backing material
Type of adhesive
Total thickness
Elongation at break
tesa_04174_pr_001_fullsize.jpg tesa® 4174
High temperature fineline tape for design painting
PVC film natural rubber 4.33 mils 200 %
tesa_04309_pr_001_fullsize.jpg tesa® 4309 PV1
High performance masking tape up to 120 °C / 248 °F
slightly-creped paper natural rubber 6.69 mils 12 %
tesa Professional Precision mask 50m:30mm tesa® 4334 Precision Mask®
High performance paper masking tape for precise and flat paint edges
flat paper acrylic 3.54 mils 4 %
tesa Professional Surface Protection 100m:250mm tesa® 4848 PV1
Surface Protection Film
PE film acrylic 1.89 mils 200 %
tesa_brown_spool_ds_pr_002 tesa® 4970
Double-sided filmic tape with high adhesion
PVC film tackified acrylic 8.86 mils 20 %
tesa_04985_pr_001 tesa® 4985
Tacky transfer tape
none tackified acrylic 1.97 mils
tesa_50600_pr_002_fullsize.jpg tesa® 50600
Polyester silicone masking tape
PET silicone 3.15 mils 110 %
tesa® 53120
Economy grade general purpose masking tape
slightly-creped paper natural rubber 5.2 mils 10 %
tesa_62934_as_001_fullsize.jpg tesa® 62934
Double-sided PE-Foam Mounting Tape
PE foam tackified acrylic 31.5 mils 250 %
tesa® 64956
800µm / 32mil double sided PE foam tape
PE foam synthetic rubber 31.5 mils 180 %
tesa_64958_pa_001_fullsize.jpg tesa® 64958
Double-sided PE foam tape
PE foam synthetic rubber 41.34 mils 200 %
tesa® 64962
1600µm / 63 mil double sided PE foam tape
PE foam synthetic rubber 62.99 mils 180 %
tesa_07054_PV22_pr_001_fullsize.jpg tesa® ACXplus 7054
ACXplus High Transparency 20 mil
solid acrylic pure acrylic 19.69 mils 1000 %
tesa_07055_PV24_pr_003_fullsize.jpg tesa® ACXplus 7055
ACXplus High Transparency 40 mil
solid acrylic pure acrylic 39.37 mils 1000 %
tesa_07063_pr_001_fullsize.jpg tesa® ACXplus 7063 High Adhesion
32 mil double-sided acrylic foam tape
foamed acrylic tackified acrylic 31.5 mils 1000 %
tesa_07065_pr_003 tesa® ACXplus 7065 High Adhesion
47 mil double-sided acrylic foam tape
foamed acrylic tackified acrylic 47.24 mils 1000 %