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tesa Electronics offers a range of specially developed adhesive tapes for smart phones, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. We put a special effort into individual service for each of our customers and their suppliers. Find out more about tesa technical support and other services, products and solutions.
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Automotive Solutions

tesa ACXplus - Intelligent Bonding
tesa® ACXplus – Intelligent Bonding
tesa is revolutionizing the market for high-strength, permanent adhesive bonding. Meet the tesa® ACXplus Family.
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03/19/14 Four Fundamentals that Affect Tape Holding Power
The tesa brand of adhesive tapes has long been recognized as a trusted brand of high-performance adhesive tapes for industrial applications. To ensure that any adhesive tape is performing at an optimal level, it is important to consider additional factors that can affect an adhesive’s holding power. Read on to learn more about these ambient factors.
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