General Applications


For marking items with specific identification codes to designating specific areas, tesa marking tapes are the products of choice.
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Functional Tapes

tesa® 6973 Secure

Laser Engravable Labels

The perfect solution for permanently marking or coding items. These labels are designed to work with laser engraving machines. They are tamper-evident as well, providing life-long identification of the marked item.
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Functional Tapes


Marking & Warning Tapes

Marking and hazard warning tapes identify temporary hazardous and can be used for lane or area demarcation e.g. in a factory, where a robust tape is required.
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Backing material
Type of adhesive
Total thickness
Elongation at break
Masking Applications tesa® 4169 PV3
Floor Marking Tape Premium
soft PVC acrylic 7.09 mils 200 %