The secret behind every happy pressman? The best plate mounting tape in the world.
When it comes to package printing, every pressman knows that quality press materials equal quality print results. That’s why today’s leading press operators choose tesa® Plate Mounting Tapes – time and time again.
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tesa® Plate Mounting Tape Application Guide

The flexible package printing industry relies on tesa technology to produce optimized package artwork.
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Print & Web Processing

Plate Mounting Foam - Flexible Packaging Printing (Paper & Print) Application

Foam Plate Mounting Tapes

tesa Softprint® plate mounting tapes offer different foam hardnesses to ensure excellent print results - especially for demanding color separations and varying kinds of substrates from solids to finest screen counts.
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Print & Web Process

Plate Mounting Filmic - Flexible Packaging Printing (Paper & Print) Application

Filmic Plate Mounting Tapes

tesa® filmic plate mounting tapes come in various thicknesses of film or fabric and are always tailored to specific, application driven demands.
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Paper & Print

Splicing - Flexible Packaging Printing (Paper & Print) Application


tesa EasySplice® - the standard for flying splice processes in flexible packaging printing.
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Paper & Print

Complementary Solutions - Flexible Packaging & Label Printing (Paper & Print) Application

Complimentary Solutions

To support the complete print process tesa offers complimentary solutions such as core starting, end tabbing, and edge sealing tapes.
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04/03/15 tesa Introduces New Splicing Tapes for Flexible Package Printing Applications
Employees at tesa tape are pleased to announce an expansion to its prestigious line of products designed for use in the flexible package printing industry. These new products become part of the company’s next generation of performance tapes designed for high‐speed film printing applications.
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