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Splicing Solutions for Flexible Package Production

tesa EasySplice® - the standard for flying splice processes in flexible packaging printing.
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tesa EasySplice® FilmLine Plus is a highly-engineered adhesive tape designed for high-performance splicing of film and foil webs during high-speed printing and coating applications. As with all tesa EasySplice® products, tesa EasySplice® FilmLine Plus is designed for “straight-line” application across the prepared web, fostering fast and efficient web preparation time. Additionally, tesa EasySplice® FilmLine Plus is equipped with enhanced features that allow for trouble-free splicing, even between the most challenging substrates such as very thin films and foils. Specific product features include:

  • Unique adhesive system designed for adhesion to a variety of filmic materials with varying surface structures
  • Split liner to enable faster and easier application of the tape
  • Market-leading splitting strip with an aggressive adhesive system to quickly and securely bond to the new film roll while the press is running

With tesa EasySplice® FilmLine Plus, flexible package printers are equipped with more flexibility than ever before, including: fast and easy splice preparation; constant and secure splice preparation; unchanged press speeds during printing and roll changes; consistent registration throughout the entire print run as press speeds remain constant; maximized machine efficiency.


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Backing material

Elongation at break (%)

Backing material
Type of adhesive
Total thickness
Elongation at break
tesa_51904_pr_001 tesa® 51904 non-woven synthetic rubber 4.33 mils
tesa_51910_pr_002 tesa EasySplice® 51910 FilmLine PLUS
Double-sided splicing tape
paper synthetic rubber 4.33 mils 6 %
tesa_51918_pr_001 tesa EasySplice® 51918 FilmLine Black PET synthetic rubber 4.33 mils 60 %


02/10/16 tesa Announces Next Generation Plate Mounting Tapes
We are pleased to be exhibiting at this year’s Info-Flex Show – March 7 & 8 in Fort Worth – to showcase our products for the flexible packaging / consumer packaged goods industry. Show visitors will be among the first to see our next-generation tape products for flexo printing applications.
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