tesa Announces Next Generation Plate Mounting Tapes

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Members of the Print & Web Processing Division of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, recently announced the evolution of its line of products used in the package printing industry to create packaging for many commonly-used consumer packaged goods (CPG) items.
The Evolution

For more than two decades, we at tesa tape have been supplying press room materials to flexible package printers around the world. Today, tesa® Softprint Plate Mounting Tapes - tapes designed to adhere image-bearing printing plates onto print cylinders and sleeves - are a mainstay in most flexible package printing facilities.

In keeping with our commitment to innovation, tesa R&D and application engineers have once again revolutionized the company’s plate mounting tape line to best meet the needs of today’s customers and equipment. Working in tandem with tesa sales personnel and directly with flexible package printers and equipment manufacturers, tesa experts were able to identify specific challenges faced by printers during the expansive printing process. Based on months of extensive market research and observation, tesa R&D experts have developed the next-generation line of plate mounting tapes designed to optimize print production and mitigate pressroom issues.

The next-generation line of tesa® Softprint products includes over 30 tapes designed for all types of flexo image reproduction, including fine screens, combination patterns, and solid images. The redefined product line has been refined using new product naming nomenclature which utilizes a smart numbering system to denote types of printing, foam tape thickness, foam hardness levels, adhesive system, and more. The new products are also distinctly identifiable by the vibrant-colored tesa logos which are imprinted on each product.

Joe Prunier, Market Manager for the Print & Web Processing sector of tesa, had this to say regarding the redesign of the company’s flagship plate mounting tapes: “We have been a close partner to the package printing industry for many years and strive to continually provide our customers with state-of-the-art pressroom materials. This launch of our next generation products is evidence of our continuing commitment to be a catalyst for finely-crafted printed packaging products”.

For more information on tesa’s complete line of tapes for flexible package printing applications, visit: http://www.tesatape.com/industry/paper_print.